Functions and Tasks


The Paramilitary Mine Rescue Divisions are assigned to fulfill following tasks:

1) to support in constant preparedness the control bodies, personnel and equipment of the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Divisions to fulfill tasks concerning the mine rescue service of the facilities;

2) to carry out mine rescue service of the facilities;

3) to take measures to prevent or minimize effect of emergency situations in hazardous industrial facilities within the state task (the state order) to provide state services (work) if there are no specialized units of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters;

4) to protect the environment and take under control the influence of hazardous factors, that appear during emergency situations in hazardous industrial facilities.


To successfully fulfill tasks, the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Divisions has the following functions:

1) to carry out mine rescue operations to rescue and evacuate people from hazardous industrial facilities in case of emergency;

2) to carry out efforts to put out fires, mitigate the emergencies, including explosions, sudden bursts of coal, gas and rock, bursts of heavy sand, floods and caving of mines, as well as technical efforts, featuring isolating breathing apparatuses, mine rescue and special equipment;

3) to fulfill obligations concerning the functional branch of the Disaster Mangaement System;

4) to render necessary medical aid, including medical evacuation of employees of the facilities and mine rescuers by the emergency response medical brigades, as well as to render medical aid by qualified personnel to the civilians that were harmed in the emergency situation;

5) to check planes for mitigation of emergencies situations for current condition of preparedness of facilities for carrying out of mine rescue operations and rescue of people;

6) to take measures to detect ignition of coal and ores (pyroshale) on early stages;

7) to take measures to sample the underground air for determination of its composition and its dustiness in hazardous industrial facilities;

8) to carry out depression and heat survey in hazardous industrial facilities;

9) to participate in development of planes for prevention and mitigation of emergency situations and plans for mitigation of emergency situation in hazardous industrial facilities;

10) to participate in development of draft decisions on mine protection of hazardous industrial facilities;

11) to provide methodological support to subsidiary mine rescue services;

12) to participate in monitoring of environment and carrying out of efforts to mitigate the hazardous influence onto the environment during mining operations in mines that are being closed-down;

13) to train and retrain employees of the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Divisions;

14) to train workers, engineers, including workers of the subsidiary mine rescue services safety during mining operations and underground efforts, behavior in emergency situation and proper use of personal protection gear;

15) to carry out research and development activity in mine rescue and mine protection fields;

16) to manufacture, repair and maintain isolating breathing apparatuses, control devices, emergency communication and firefighting equipment, as well as other special equipment;

17) to take measures to develop social protection for employees of the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Divisions;

18) to carry out experience exchange with other mine rescue, rescue and recovery services and units, including international ones;

19) to fulfill functions of the State Customer in cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

20) to use real assets assigned to the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Divisions;

21) to provide protection of the State Secret and service information within the limits of the competencies.