Information Center OKSION

The All-Russian Complex System for Information and Alarming of the Population in Crowded Places (OKSION) is an organizing and technical system that combines hardware and software information processing, transfer and display of audio and video information.

The purpose of the OKSION system is to provide preparedness of the population in the field of civil defence, as well as: protection against emergency situations, provision of fire safety, provision of safety on waterways, keeping of public order, urgent warning and information of the population about emergency situations and terror attacks, monitoring of situation and condition of law and order in crowded places by using modern technical equipment and technologies.

Main tasks of the OKSION:

Provision of urgent information of the population in crowded places about emergency situations;

To abridge time needed for guaranteed information of the population in crowded places about emergency situations;

Increase of preparedness level of population in the field of civil defence;

Increase of safety awareness;

Increase of effectiveness of information influence in order to rehabilitate the hit population as soon as possible;

Monitoring of situation and condition of law and order in crowded places.

Information of the population is conducted via terminals of the OKSION that include:

1. LCD panels that are built in crowded buildings (Population Information and Alarming Stations – PIAS): in educational institutions, trading and entertainment centers, markets, administration buildings, railway stations, airports, cultural, sports and health institutions.

2. LED displays situated in open spaces (Outdoor Population Information and Alarming Stations – OPIAS): on city entrances and exits, city road crossings, squares, streets, stadiums, on the buildings;

3. Mobile complexes (Mobile Complex for Information and Alarming of the Population – MCIAP). The MCIAPs are mobile LED displays, equipped with autonomous power supply, navigation and telematics, as well as equipment for radiation and chemical control, video surveillance and responsive control. The MCIAPs are purposed for information and alarming of the population in any point of the Russian Federaration autonomously, as well as comprised in mobile groups.

First OKSION terminals were created in 2006. Since then, the number of such terminals is increasing. By 2016, 657 terminals were included into OKSION system, including: 544 PIAS, 113 OPIAS, 37 MCIAP.

The Information Center OKSION is the directing agency that organizes establishment and development of the OKSION system, conducts management and control for use of assets of the system.

Implementation of the modern technical means is the key to efficient fulfillment of tasks set to the OKSION system. Fulfillment of these tasks hinges on relevance of technical equipment. Due to that, specialists of the OKSION always modernize hardware and software equipment.

The actively developing IT market and use of the most advance technologies require specialists of OKSION to introduce new engineering solutions and meet the most stringent requirements.

Information Center OKSIONInformation Center OKSION