Information for Mass Media

Dear Mass media representatives! 

Here in Emergencies Ministry we carefully process every inquiry. In order to provide the most informative response to your inquiries we ask you to follow the submission procedure of the Emergencies Ministry.

Inquiry submission procedure for mass media in the Emergencies Ministry:

1) Inquiries shall be sent to the head of the Directorate of Public Information Organization Terekhova Zhanna Mikhailovna.

2) Inquiries are shall be written on editorial form and signed by the responsible director (Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor-in-Chief).

3) Subject of the letter must be filled with "Inquiry from Media".

4) Following information shall be filled in an inquiry:

• Main topic (object of inquiry);

• Newsworthy occurrence for which the information is needed;

• List of questions;

• When the information is needed;

• Contact information of an editorial office and a correspondent (phone number, e-mail).

4) Inquiries shall be sent to e-mail address during the working day (09:00 AM till 06:00 PM). If your inquiry was received, you can confirm it by telephoone: +7 (499) 995-58-43

5) Responses to inquiries are given in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation «On Mass Media».Accreditation of the media is sent to the Information Policy Department of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia after filling out the form on the page "Media Accreditation".