15:40, January 14, 2020

Far Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Team of the EMERCOM of Russia is celebrating 27 years of operation

During this period, the Team has rescued more than 35 thousand people.

Only in 2019, the Far Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Team of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia carried out more than 2.5 thousand rescue and other urgent works. Almost 1,630 people were rescued, including 336 children.

Far Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Team was established on January 12, 1993. Today it is a mobile, highly effective group of forces that can perform search and rescue operations of any complexity. It consists of almost 300 professionals who are armed with modern technical means and rescue equipment.

Last year they eliminated the effects of heavy typhoons and cyclones in the Khabarovsk Territory, Amur Region and Jewish Autonomous Region, provide unhindered passage of ice flow and the elimination of congestion in the area of gathering rocks in the Bureya river in Khabarovsk Territory, as well as defended settlements of the Amur region from wildfires.

This year will be 30th anniversary of the EMERCOM of Russia, and the Unit will be certified according to the INSARAG international standard. The training of rescuers continues for three years. During this time, a large-scale measures aimed at improving the effectiveness of emergency response has been implemented.

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