10:01, February 05, 2020

EMERCOM of Russia actively participates in international emergency assistance

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In the past year, the Department has provided targeted humanitarian assistance to countries affected by various disasters in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

International Emergency Relief Day is celebrated annually on February 5. Throughout its thirty-year history, the Department has expanded the geography and scope of assistance to foreign countries whose populations have been affected by emergencies and natural disasters.

In 2019, more than 700 tons of vital essential goods were delivered to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, the Comoros, Malawi and Namibia, which are in distress from adverse natural events.

One of the priorities in the past year, as before, was to provide assistance to the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine. 12 car convoys with 5 thousand tons of humanitarian cargo were organized to Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

In 2019, the EMERCOM's air force took three Russian underage citizens out of the combat zone in Iraq. As a result, since December 2018, 122 children aged 1-15 have returned to their Homeland in this way. In addition, departmental aviation provided assistance to Bolivia, Serbia and Abkhazia in extinguishing wildfires, and the Leader mine clearance unit worked in South Ossetia, clearing more than 22 hectares of territory. As a result, more than 280 explosive items from the Great Patriotic War were found and safely destroyed.

A significant place in the international activities of the EMERCOM of Russia is occupied by foreign centers of humanitarian and educational profile. For example, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center has been operating for 8 years, aimed at protecting the region from emergency situations. The Russian-Armenian Jumanitarian Response Center has been operating since 2015. In the past year, the Iranian Red Crescent Society has provided humanitarian assistance for the needs of the population of the Islamic Republic affected by the devastating floods. More than 160 tons of food has also been delivered to the needy population of the Syrian Arab Republic. In the Western hemisphere of the planet, active humanitarian activities are carried out by the Regional Russian-Cuban Center for training fire and rescue specialists.

A separate role in the work of the Ministry of Emergencies in providing emergency assistance is assigned to international organizations. Thus, within the framework of cooperation with the World Health Organization, our country provided emergency medical assistance to Cuba, Venezuela, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Tajikistan, and Albania, through a donor contribution. Sets of medical therapeutic, anti-cholera, surgical and traumatic products were sent to these countries. Such aid provided the treatment of more than 300 thousand patients and thousands of surgical operations.

Within the framework of cooperation with the UN World Food Program, food supplies have been organized to Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, Palestine, Yemen, Uganda, Guinea, Afghanistan, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and for an additional project in 2019, to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Madagascar, Kenya, and Yemen.

The Ministry of Emergencis of Russia also helps the UN World Food Program: as part of the work to re-equip its fleet of trucks in 2019, 97 KAMAZ vehicles, 30 trailers and spare parts have been delivered to its offices in Africa and the Middle East.

Modern challenges and threats place the highest demands on the quality and efficiency of humanitarian assistance. And the EMERCOM of Russia successfully copes with this, each time proving the demand for its rescue technologies.

EMERCOM of Russia actively participates in international emergency assistance
EMERCOM of Russia actively participates in international emergency assistance
EMERCOM of Russia actively participates in international emergency assistance
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