17:14, September 24, 2020

Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia Victor Yatsutsenko took part in a meeting on topical issues of national security in the Far East

On September 24, in Vladivostok, within the framework of a meeting on topical issues of national security in the Far East, chaired by the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev, special attention was paid to the measures taken to protect the population from emergencies and eliminate their consequences.

In particular, they talked about the provision of housing or compensation payments to victims of floods in the Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur Region and the Jewish Autonomous District, the implementation of plans for the construction and overhaul of hydraulic structures.

It was noted that the territory of the Far East has specific geographical location and is characterized by a large number of cyclical risks and emergencies. That.s why it's necessary to take the appropriate response measures.

During the current year, the forces of the EMERCOM of Russia carried out a set of measures to respond to a number of natural phenomena that had a negative impact on the subjects of the Far East.

"EMERCOM of Russia constantly monitored the evolving situation and carried out modeling of the ongoing processes," said Victor Yatutsenko.

To date, in the regions, an assessment of the condition of dams and other protective structures affecting the flood situation in the Amur River basin is being made, and work has been organized to find the flood zones.

In particular, the use of digital technologies for forecasting emergencies shows high economic efficiency.

EMERCOM of Russia is increasing the equipment of its subdivisions with modern technology, including in the Far East. This year, the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District will receive a Mi-8 helicopter, more than 150 units of fire and special equipment, as well as 3 unmanned aerial systems.

As a result of the meeting, in particular, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia was instructed to check the readiness of command and control bodies, the divisions to respond to emergency situations, as well as take measures to timely inform the population and create a single information space for this purpose.

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