21:07, September 24, 2020

Deputy Minister of EMERCOM of Russia Ilya Denisov opened the third stage of the competition for the best head of the Information Department

The event took place on September 24 within the framework of the educational and methodological meeting of the heads of the press services of territorial bodies, higher educational institutions and search and rescue teams of the EMERCOM of Russia.

As part of the event, the Deputy Minister opened the third stage of the competition for the title of "Best Head of the Information Department of the EMERCOM of Russia" in the format of presenting videos about the activities of the press services of the subjects and self-presentation of the heads of information departments.

According to Ilya Denisov, the self-presentation of the heads of departments should not only be creative, but also show new approaches when shooting and editing videos.

"I want to note that the information departments' meetings are held in an unusual format. I see here the unity of the press services of the Department and I want to assure you that the management carefully and daily monitors the latest news from the Ministry. I ask you in turn to closely monitor the information released in the media. You must be the conductors of reliable and timely information provided to our citizens," the Deputy Minister said.

Ilya Denisov noted that it is precisely in the power of PR specialists to debunk the myths and stereotypes that were about the Department in recent years. "For example, people still do not understand that a fire engine, arriving at a fire site, does not carry water with it, but must be connected to a fire hydrant. In those places where they are not provided for, tanks work. But little is said about this, but there are a lot of such misunderstandings in the system," Denisov said.

The Deputy Minister also noted that the school of fire-prevention propaganda has been lost in recent years. "Taking this into account, I ask you to revise your concepts and build your work with the media not only on operational issues, but also on teaching the population the basics of life safety," Ilya Denisov concluded.

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