16:20, October 16, 2020

On "Restart Your Heart" World Day, St. Petersburg rescuers and doctors held a master class on first aid for journalists (video)

On October 16, at the Public Exhibition Complex of the EMERCOM Main for St. Petersburg, rescuers and doctors held a master class for journalists on providing first aid to people, as part of the traditional initiative World Day Start Your Heart.

“Anyone can provide help in case of sudden cardiac arrest” - this was the motto of today's event. The senior instructor of the Gas and Smoke Protection Service of the 34th Fire and Rescue Unit of St Petersburg State Medical University named after Pavlov. The participants of the event were taught to identify the signs of clinical death and were introduced to the basic algorithm of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, taking into account the situation with the spread of the new coronavirus infection around the world. Everyone could practice providing first aid and using an automatic external defibrillator on a special medical manikin.

During the event, specialists also spoke about legal aspects of first aid. After all, many people are simply afraid to take responsibility for someone else's life. That is why they often pass by. The instructors' task was also to show that a volunteer is a person who decided to independently approach and help another in a critical situation and do everything to save human life.

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