16:05, October 22, 2020

In the regions of the Russian Federation, preventive measures are taken to ensure the safety of the heating season

In order to prevent fires, deaths and injuries of people, from October until the end of the heating season in the regions of Russia, EMERCOM employees carry out a preventive operation "Heating season".

Within its framework, measures are being taken to strengthen fire safety in the residential sector, as well as to increase the level of fire protection of heat and power facilities, to prevent fires at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex.

Employees of the state fire supervision regularly carry out raids in private households and apartment buildings. The purpose of the raids is to stabilize the situation with fires and their consequences, in particular in the settlements of the regions, as well as a general check of fire safety in households and in the adjacent territory. As part of such preventive measures, the EMERCOM representatives explain the fire safety rules, rules for handling stove and electrical equipment to people.

Often, it is the violation of the rules for the operation of furnace equipment that leads to fires.

Homemade electric heaters can also cause a fire. In addition, the use of flammable liquids for kindling the furnace equipment can cause fires and, as a result, injury and death of people.

The danger is also that citizens leave the oven unattended, which can lead to overheating and possible fire. Also, parents should pay attention to the fact that often the cause of fires is the prank of children with fire, so you should not entrust the supervision of the stoves to young children.

When checking fire safety, the employees of the state supervision pay special attention to large families, disabled people and elderly citizens.

EMERCOM of Russia calls on citizens to observe basic fire safety rules.

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