16:20, October 22, 2020

At the EMERCOM of Russia, there is autumn conscription for military service

600 men will be recruited to the rescue military units of the EMERCOM of Russia to undergo military service.

By the end of the year, young defenders of the Fatherland will arrive in 10 divisions of the Department, functioning in all federal districts of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry's rescue military units have taken comprehensive measures to prevent the emergence and spread of cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19. The conscripts should get tested for current COVID-19 infection. In the rescue centers, separate premises have been prepared for the accommodation of conscripts, the most trained officials have been appointed to organize and conduct training. Newly arrived servicemen undergo a medical examination for various diseases and other quarantine measures. The premises are sanitized daily with the use of disinfectants. The wearing of protective masks and gloves by military personnel is mandatory.

In connection with the end of the period of service, 577 conscripts are to dismissal from the rescue military units of the EMERCOM of Russia by the end of this year.

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