14:17, January 11, 2021

More than 1,700 people were rescued by fire and rescue units during the New Year holidays

On January 11, the First Deputy Minister of Emergencies of Russia Alexander Chupriyan held a weekly conference call. During the meeting, it was noted that fire and rescue units during the New Year holidays, responding to more than 2,300 road accidents, saved more than 1,700 people. 294 people were rescued by military rescue and search and rescue units. Pyrotechnic units found and defused 14 explosives, including one aerial bomb. Aviation EMERCOM of Russia delivered 11 patients to hospitals.

It was also noted that from December 31 to January 11, command and control bodies and reaction units functioned in an enhanced mode. The safety of more than 10.4 thousand celebrations has been ensured.

During the reporting period, more than 8.2 thousand fires were registered, about 700 of them were liquidated with the participation of voluntary fire brigades. 

The Ministry controls the safety of functioning of ice crossings and winter roads. At the moment, 649 ice crossings and 104 winter roads are functioning in the country, measures have been organized to ensure safety in more than 1,000 crowded places on the ice. A decrease in the number of accidents on water bodies by 40% is noted.

During the New Year holidays, there were no accidents with tourists who registered their route. In total, more than 230 groups with a total number of over 2.2 thousand people have been registered on the routes. During the reporting period, 27 avalanches occurred, 9 of them were forced.

In addition, preventive measures were taken to prevent flooding in 5 settlements of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Irkutsk Region. The risk of flooding has arisen due to the rising water level on the Yenisei, Angara and Mina rivers. At the moment there is no threat of flooding.

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