15:03, January 13, 2021

Far Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Unit of the Russian Emergencies Ministry celebrates its 28th anniversary

On January 12, 1993, the Far Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Unit of the EMERCOM of Russia was created. For 28 years, the detachment has responded to emergencies and incidents more than 50 thousand times, saved over 35 thousand human lives. According to statistics, 40 lives are saved for each specialist in the unit.

In 2020, a jubilee year for the EMERCOM of Russia, Far Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Unit became the winner of the All-Russian Festival "Constellation of Courage" in the category "Best Search and Rescue Unit". This is the third victory of the unit in the All-Russian competition.

Last year, more than 2,300 search and rescue operations were carried out by the regional detachment and its branches, during which almost 2,500 people were helped and rescued.

Also, the unit has successfully passed the next test stage of a three-year preparation for international certification according to the INSARAG methodology and received admission to certification, which will take place this spring.

The modern equipment and gear with which the Unit's divisions are equipped make it possible to promptly respond to emergencies in the event of floods, man-made accidents, fires, effectively carry out search and rescue and emergency recovery operations, and provide assistance to victims.

The Unit's professional and specialized search and rescue units can operate in any geographic latitude and in the most difficult climatic conditions.

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The Unit's area of responsibility is the entire Far East. This is 36% of the territory of the Russian Federation. Elimination of the consequences of natural disasters, man-made accidents, road accidents; search and evacuation of victims, rescue of people in the mountains, on the water, under the rubble, anywhere - the team's specialists are always ready to help.

The number of the regional unit, which is located in Khabarovsk - about 300 people, and together with 8 branches - almost 800. In total, the unit consists of 20 search and rescue divisions, which are located in all subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District - from Yakutia to the Kuriles.

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