13:16, April 05, 2021

The EMERCOM of Russia controls the development of the flood situation in the Russian Federation

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On April 5, a weekly conference call was held under the leadership of the First Deputy Minister of Emergencies of Russia Alexander Chupriyan. The forces and means of the department are involved in measures to combat the spring flood. At the moment, 440 household plots, 58 low-water bridges and 10 sections of highways have been flooded. There are no flooded residential buildings. 18 settlements were cut off. The life support of the population is organized.

EMERCOM of Russia continues flood control measures. More than 740 detonations have been carried out, 200 km of ice have been sawn, over 240 km of river beds have been cleared. The situation is being monitored using unmanned aerial systems.

Work continues on the timely withdrawal of ice crossings. During the week, 216 ice crossings and 19 winter roads were closed. More than 700 ice crossings and 120 winter roads continue to operate. At the same time, there is a decrease in the number of deaths on water bodies.

It was also noted at the meeting that more than 5.4 thousand fires occurred during the reporting period, more than 240 of them were eliminated with the involvement of volunteer fire brigades. The “special fire safety regime” has been partially introduced in 5 regions. There are 14 hotbeds of natural fires, there is no threat to settlements. Continuous space monitoring is carried out.

Emergency recovery work was completed in the field of 13 accidents at the housing and communal services systems, which were under the control of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia.

More than 820 people were rescued by fire and rescue units in the course of responding to an accident. 171 people were rescued by search and rescue and rescue military units.

Pyrotechnic units found and defused 53 explosive objects, including 12 aerial bombs.

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