09:03, April 07, 2021

Employees of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels of the EMERCOM of Russia ensure the safety of people in the places of entering on the ice

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Thin ice causes death every year. In springtime, the risk of sinking under the ice increases. However, some citizens deliberately take unreasonable risks by visiting already opened reservoirs.

Most often, among the victims are children who walk near water bodies without parental supervision. The formed ice floes, open gullies attract the attention of tourists.

Thus, in the settlement of De-Kastri, Khabarovsk Territory, three children aged 7 were skating on an ice floe. Due to the current and wind, it began to be carried from the coast towards the Chikhachev Bay. Immediately after the information was received, rescuers from the local branch of the regional search and rescue squad were dispatched to the scene. With the help of a rubber boat, they were able to reach the children and take them off the ice. On the shore, the minors were examined by medical workers, the state of health is satisfactory.

Employees of the GIMS EMERCOM of Russia carry out daily preventive measures, ensure the safety of people in places of mass access to the ice, on ice crossings, and also organize temporary rescue posts in crowded places in still frozen waters.

In the Arkhangelsk Region, GIMS inspectors once again went on a raid along the places where fishermen used to go out on the ice. The volunteers of the student fire and rescue squad "Pomor-Spas" and the Arkhangelsk regional branch of the Red Cross helped the specialists in patrolling.

“Inspection of the crossing showed that the thickness of the ice makes it possible to operate this crossing. As soon as the crossing ceases to comply with safety requirements, it will be closed. This is a necessary measure to ensure the safety of people,” Oleg Vytegorov, the state inspector for small boats explained.

Currently, 57 transport ice crossings and two pedestrian crossings have already been closed in the region.

However, people continue to go out on the ice not only to get to the other side. There are many fishermen on the Kuznechikha River near the Kemsky settlement.

During the raid, EMERCOM of Russia employees once again reminded the fishermen that the ice in spring is very fragile and does not emit the characteristic crackling sound when it falls under it. In addition, the winds typical for April-May, as well as during the passage of cyclones and their frontal sections, contribute to the separation of fast ice on the coast, increase the excitement in the water areas of rivers and the sea. This can lead to the separation of ice floes and death of people.

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