16:16, April 07, 2021

In the first quarter of year, the EMERCOM of Russia created more than 80 thousand models of the situation development

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On April 7, under the leadership of the Deputy Minister of EMERCOM of Russia Victor Yatsutsenko, the results of the activities of the day-to-day management bodies for the first quarter of this year were summed up.

The meeting took place via video communication with the participation of the territorial bodies of the EMERCOM of Russia, interested ministries and departments. The heads of the head territorial bodies of the Ministry for the federal districts reported on the work carried out.

In the first quarter of this year, the work of the territorial agencies of the EMERCOM of Russia was built taking into account the seasonal risks caused by spring floods and wildfires. The efforts of specialists were focused on preventing unfavorable developments in the event of a possible complication of the situation in the regions. For this purpose, a set of preventive measures has been developed, which specialists have begun to implement in advance.

“During the first quarter, 59 emergencies occurred,” Victor Yatsutsenko noted.

Since the beginning of the year, the National Crisis Management Center has prepared more than 1100 operational daily forecasts, over 50 emergency warnings, and also developed more than 80 thousand models of the situation development. At the same time, the department actively uses the capabilities of space monitoring and applies information technologies. This made it possible to significantly reduce the time for processing information and increase the responsiveness, which means, to minimize the consequences of natural anomalies.

In the first quarter, unmanned aerial systems of the EMERCOM of Russia were used more than 200 times on the territory of 55 subjects, including for monitoring flood and forest fire situations.

More than 400 unmanned aircraft of departmental aviation are ready to monitor the situation related to the flood. More than 4.9 thousand interdepartmental task forces are planned to monitor the hydrological situation.

From 13 to 15 April, the Russian Emergencies Ministry plans to conduct a command post exercise with the management bodies and forces of the RSChS to work out issues related to ensuring the safe passage of spring floods and floods, as well as protecting settlements from wildfires. Practical activities are planned in those areas where a difficult situation is predicted.

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