08:47, April 07, 2021

EMERCOM of Russia controls the spring flood in the regions of the Russian Federation

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The active phase of spring floods and floods began. To date, there are no flooded residential buildings.

On the territory of 23 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, 193 household plots, 68 low-water bridges and 11 sections of highways remain flooded in 9 settlements.

At present, the Russian Emergencies Ministry controls the ice-freeing of rivers in the Far Eastern, Siberian, Ural, Volga, North-Western and Central federal districts.

To collect operational information about the passage of the spring flood, 7 receiving stations for space monitoring of the EMERCOM of Russia are involved. Space monitoring of ice and hydrological conditions is planned to be carried out using 10 domestic spacecraft, as well as 8 foreign Earth remote sensing satellites. Every day, the department's specialists build up to 50 orthophotomaps of areas subject to the threat of spring floods, monitoring the state of the ice cover on the country's rivers and identifying congestion in the water areas.

From April 10, EMERCOM of Russia plans to activate the International Charter on Space. The situation in the territories where the situation is predicted to become worse will be additionally monitored with the help of 50 foreign spacecraft. In addition, a mobile receiving and transmitting complex has been deployed in Yakutsk since April. With its help, space monitoring of hazardous natural phenomena was organized on the territory of the Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts.

To detail the situation, the department is actively using unmanned aerial vehicles. Operative groups equipped with them are sent to the area of ​​possible emergency situations for aerial photography and construction of orthophotomaps. Since the beginning of the year, more than half a thousand of them have already been created. During the flood-hazardous period, up to 50 orthophotomaps are built daily.

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