14:00, April 19, 2021

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia intensifies the work on prevention the counter fire of dry vegetation

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On April 19, the First Deputy Minister of EMERCOM of Russia Alexander Chupriyan held a weekly conference call. Within the framework of the meeting, the territorial bodies of the Ministry were instructed to strengthen measures to combat grass fires, monitor the prohibition of agricultural fires, and also intensify preventive work with the population on the rules for observing fire safety.

The Ministry continues to actively work to minimize the consequences of the spring flood. Over the past week, more than 1,400 task forces worked in the most difficult areas, including 90 using unmanned aerial systems. Airmobile groups of rescue centers were involved. To date, more than 940 detonations have been carried out, 450 km of ice has been cut, over 270 km of river beds have been cleared.

To date, 26 country houses, more than 800 household plots, 67 low-water bridges and 33 sections of highways have been flooded on the territory of 31 regions. 39 settlements were cut off, in which the work of boat crossings, fire-fighting and medical support was organized.

The loss of snow cover and minimal rainfall in many regions have led to an increase in the number of fires. Over the past week, more than 23 thousand fires were recorded, more than 430 of them were liquidated with the involvement of voluntary fire brigades. The "special fire safety regime" is fully operational in 9 regions, as well as in 17 partially. Continuous space monitoring and modeling of the situation development is carried out. Today, 20 fires are active on an area of ​​more than 500 hectares. The most difficult situation is in the Amur Region and the Transbaikal Territory.

Over 900 people were rescued by fire and rescue units in response to more than 1.4 thousand road accidents. More than 170 people were rescued by military rescue and search and rescue teams. The EMERCOM of Russia, together with other emergency services, rescued 37 fishermen in the Sverdlovsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions. On the Volga River, five children were removed from an ice floe in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The department's pyrotechnics found and defused 211 explosive objects, including two aerial bombs.

As part of ensuring the safety of people at water bodies, work continues to close the ice crossings. Over the past week, 166 ice crossings and 31 winter roads were closed, more than 230 crossings and 26 winter roads continue to operate.

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