07:05, April 30, 2021

On May 1, the gas and smoke protection service of the fire brigade turns 88

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The Gas and Smoke Protection Service is an integral and most important non-staff service as part of special fire service units and is designed to work in an unbreathable environment when extinguishing fires, carrying out emergency rescue operations and eliminating the consequences of emergency situations.

The formation of the gas and smoke protection service began in the period of tsarist Russia. The most powerful impetus to its development was the First World War, when special equipment was needed to protect against poisonous gases.

On May 1, 1933, for the first time, the Gas and Smoke Protection Service was included in the combat crew of the Leningrad garrison of the fire department.

To date, the total number of personnel of the gas and smoke protection service of the EMERCOM of Russia is more than 87 thousand people, more than 270 special fire trucks are equipped. Over the past year, the GSPS of the EMERCOM of Russia went to fires more than 60 thousand times.

For the successful fulfillment of combat missions, firefighter units must be in constant readiness and have a high combat capability, which undoubtedly depends on the level of personal protective equipment, as well as their competent and effective use.

In the garrisons of the EMERCOM of Russia, about 1300 heat-smoke chambers and more than 500 fire strips for psychological training of firefighters are used for trainings with the personnel of the gas and smoke protection service. So Russian GSPS specialists daily hone their skills to perfection on a daily basis.

The training of future gas and smoke defenders has its own specifics. This is the study of the material part of breathing apparatus, calculations of the parameters of work in personal protective equipment of the respiratory system, various types of training on special objects and simulators, as well as the study of the rules of work in an environment unsuitable for breathing. The weight of the equipment that the gas and smoke defender carries with him to perform tasks can reach up to 40 kilograms. That is why GDZS is called "special forces" among firefighters.

The role of the gas and smoke protection service in extinguishing fires has been repeatedly appreciated and irreplaceable. The efficient operation of the GSPS is one of the main factors influencing the successful extinguishing of fires and carrying out emergency rescue operations.

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