14:12, May 04, 2021

Ministry of Emergency Situations: from May 1 to May 3, the safety of more than 7 thousand festive events was ensured

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On May 4, the First Deputy Minister of EMERCOM of Russia Alexander Chupriyan held a weekly conference call. During the event, it was noted that from April 30 to May 11, the forces of the Russian Emergencies Ministry are on high alert. Every day, about 71 thousand employees and about 17 thousand pieces of equipment ensure the safety of citizens. All crowded places and bathing places are under the control of the Ministry. So, from May 1 to May 3, more than 7 thousand festive events have already been secured. No incidents occurred.

During the past period, the spring floods in 30 subjects of the Russian Federation, the natural fires in 33 subjects, the severe and adverse weather phenomena in 41 subjects took place.

Spring floods are passing as predicted. The passage of the ice drift is under control. Insignificant fluctuations are observed at the gauging stations. Preventive measures to break ice have been completed. The most difficult hydrological situation was in the Altai Territory, where there was a rise in the levels of small rivers. Today, there is a decrease in water levels, the situation is stabilizing.

Currently, in 23 subjects in 19 settlements, 14 residential buildings, over 600 household plots, 27 low-water bridges and 30 sections of highways remain flooded.

The situation with natural fires also remains on the control of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Continuous space monitoring and modeling of the development of the most dangerous fires is carried out. During the reporting period, more than 9 thousand thermal points were identified. More than 180 space images, 19 models of the situation development were created.

The "special fire safety regime" operates throughout the territory of 37 subjects, in 15 - partially. To date, 13 fires are active on the territory of 7 subjects. The area covered by fire is more than 3 thousand hectares. The transition of forest fires to settlements is not allowed.

In addition, more than 14 thousand fires were registered during the week, of which more than 390 were liquidated with the participation of voluntary fire brigades. In the course of responding to more than 1.5 thousand road accidents, fire and rescue units rescued more than 900 people. More than 150 people were rescued by search and rescue and rescue military units.

The specialists of the Ministry together with local authorities, continue to work on the timely withdrawal of ice crossings and winter roads. During the week, 120 ice crossings and 4 winter roads are closed. More than 70 ferries and two winter roads continue to function.

Pyrotechnic units of the Russian Emergencies Ministry discovered and defused 83 explosive items, including 19 bombs.

EMERCOM of Russia reminds of the need to comply with safety regulations at home and on vacation. Braziers can be located at a distance of at least 5 meters from buildings and constructions. A place for an open fire should be located at a distance of at least 50 meters from the nearest building, but if the fire is used in a metal barrel, the distance can be halved. In this case, the barrel must have a lid, and the primary fire extinguishing means must be located nearby. Never leave the fire unattended and do not trust children to look after it!

The Ministry recommends working with children, talking about fire safety rules and traffic rules. When resting near water bodies, do not leave children unattended. When using swimming devices, first make sure they are in good working order.

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