08:53, May 06, 2021

The cadets were appreciated by the EMERCOM of Russia for competent actions during a fire in a Moscow hotel

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Natalya Valerievna Smolyaninova, the class teacher of the students of the cadet fire-fighting and rescue class of "Secondary School No. 24" (municipal budgetary educational institution) in Bratsk, turned to the EMERCOM of Russia with a request to note the actions of the children on the fire in the early morning of May 4 at the Vechny Zov hotel in the capital.

She told about the competent actions of the children before the arrival of the fire and rescue units: “The guys and I arrived in Moscow on April 30th. And the night before, we returned with them from another event, had dinner at the hotel and went to bed. Nothing much happened. At about two o'clock in the morning, when I got up to check if everything was in order, everyone was asleep, the rooms were closed. There was silence. At 3 hours 43 minutes the bell rang. It was Anton. He and other children were on the third floor. We, the teachers, with other children spent the night on the fifth floor. The boy promptly reported that a fire had started, everything was in smoke, he asked everyone to wake up and start evacuating. Me and my colleague, Valentina Leonidovna Ananyeva, rushed out into the corridor. There was smoke. We knocked on the doors, woke everyone up, helped the guys get out of the building. At this time, our cadets, Anton Doroshkov and Ilya Napasnyuk, lifted the guys from neighboring rooms on their floor and took them out of the hotel until the firemen arrived. For some reason, there was no water in the taps, and in order to protect the respiratory organs from dangerous smoke, the boys guessed to moisten the towels in the toilet cistern."

The actions of the children were highly appreciated by the leadership of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, and on the same day, until the cadets left home, the whole class was invited to the historic building of the Prechistenskaya fire station of the 19th century, where the  EMERCOM Main Office for Moscow is now located.

Head of the EMERCOM Main Office for Moscow Sergey Zheltov and Director of the Supervisory and Preventive Efforts Department of the EMERCOM of Russia Rinat Yenikeyev presented gratitude for competent actions in the fire, dedication to Anton Doroshkov and Ilya Napasnyuk, as well as memorable gifts to all the children from the cadet class. The teachers expressed their gratitude for introducing young people to the values ​​of the culture of life safety.

“Remembering the words of Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov “Dare to glorify your homeland with courage”, we can say that you have coped with this task brilliantly. Your actions before the arrival of the firefighters were clear and correct. You did not succumb to panic, did not lose composure, and correctly assessed the situation. It is gratifying that today the younger generation has knowledge and interest in the topic of safety and is able to pass it on with benefit, and as a result to form an appropriate culture and, most importantly, to act competently in the event of a fire. And this is the merit of those who take part in your upbringing - your teachers and parents,” Rinat Yenikeyev, Director of Supervisory and Preventive Efforts Department of the EMERCOM of Russia said.

To get a closer look at the history of the fire department, the cadets visited the Museum of the EMERCOM Main Office for Moscow. There they were able to learn about the stages of formation and development of the fire and rescue service and interesting facts from different eras of fire protection.

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