07:05, May 10, 2021

Aviation Day of the EMERCOM of Russia

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Today, EMERCOM aviation celebrates the day of its formation. 26 years ago, by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Unitary Aviation Enterprise EMERCOM of Russia was created.

The main tasks of the Russian Emergencies Ministry's aviation are emergency response in the event of large-scale accidents and disasters of a different nature, delivery of rescuers, medics, equipment and equipment, and firefighting from the air.

The need to create our own aviation enterprise was dictated by the tasks of aviation support for the work of rescuers.

Today, the aviation of the ministry is more than 2 thousand highly qualified specialists and 83 aircraft: 22 aircraft and 61 helicopters. Among them are the aircraft: Il-76TD, which, if necessary, can be converted from transport-assault troops to firefighters by installing two pouring aviation devices (VAP-2); Be-200ES, which can hold up to 12 tons of water or extinguishing liquid and Superjets are air command posts equipped with special communications and designed to transport people and perform special flights.

The core of the Russian Emergencies Ministry's rotary-wing aircraft is the Mi-8, Mi-26, Ka-32, Bo-105, Bk-117, and Ansat helicopters.

The aircraft are based in 5 aviation rescue centers of the EMERCOM of Russia: Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk), Krasnoyarsk complex (Krasnoyarsk), Zhukovsky (Zhukovsky), North-West (St. Petersburg) and Yuzhny (Rostov -on-Don). The agency's aviation rescue company is located on the territory of the Ramenskoye airfield near Moscow.

Over the 26 years since its establishment, the Russian Emergencies Ministry's aviation has participated in more than 400 rescue and humanitarian operations, gaining a well-deserved prestige not only in our country, but also abroad.

Over the past year, the aviation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered more than 32 thousand tons of cargo, transported about 15 thousand people, made more than 3.2 thousand discharges.

Aviation specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia have developed and successfully applied in practice unique aviation technologies for rescuing people, firefighting from the air, fighting ice jams, floods, oil spills.

Aviation EMERCOM of Russia takes part in search and rescue operations, conducts aerial reconnaissance of the area, guides search and rescue teams to search targets, airborne rescuers, evacuates victims from emergency areas, conducts aviation rescue operations directly related to the elimination of the consequences of emergencies, extinguishing fires from the air both in Russia and abroad.

As part of the international activities of the Ministry, aviation is involved in the delivery of humanitarian aid and other vital cargoes to foreign countries.

In the context of frequent emergencies, the EMERCOM aviation often solves one of the key tasks of providing assistance to the injured and quick evacuation from the disaster zone.

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