19:41, June 07, 2021

A new public reception has been opened at the EMERCOM of Russia

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On June 7, the head of the EMERCOM of Russia Evgeniy Zinichev assessed the conditions for receiving citizens in the updated Public Reception. The reception is available for all categories of citizens, including people with limited mobility. The premises are equipped with modern equipment, video conferencing facilities.

The event was attended by State Secretary - Deputy Minister Alexey Serko, Deputy Minister Nikolai Grechushkin and representatives of the Ministry's Central Office.

During a difficult epidemiological situation and temporary restrictions on the implementation of personal reception of citizens, the Ministry directed efforts to equip new premises. The Public Reception Office has been working in an updated format since March this year.

Reception is conducted daily on weekdays by authorized officials and the leadership of the department in accordance with the approved schedule. To date, more than 100 people have personally applied.

Evgeniy Zinichev noted that working with citizens' appeals is one of the most important sources of information necessary for making managerial decisions on various issues of the EMERCOM of Russia.

“Feedback from the population is needed. This is how we see the reaction to our work, we get an assessment of its effectiveness,” the Minister emphasized.

Authorized persons in the Public Reception explain to citizens the procedure for considering applications, proposals and complaints, and also help to draw up an appeal. The response to the appeal is sent within the timeframe established by law to the address indicated in the contacts of the applicant.

The reception operates at the address: 1 Vatutin st., Moscow, Monday-Thursday, from 09.15 to 17.45 and on Friday, from 09.15 to 16.30. For more information, call 8 (495) 983-65-59.

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