10:49, June 18, 2021

The list of EMERCOM of Russia employees subject to state protection has been determined

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At a regular meeting of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the third reading, a law was adopted amending the Federal Law "On State Protection of Judges, Officials of Law Enforcement and Control Bodies".

Within the framework of the law, the proposals of the EMERCOM of Russia were supported and the list of persons subject to state protection was expanded, in which it was proposed to include employees of the federal fire service of the State Fire Service, servicemen of rescue military units and federal state civil servants of the EMERCOM of Russia. Their work is fraught with risk and danger to life and health.

In case of attacks on life and health in relation to these categories of employees, as well as their relatives, in connection with the performance of official duties, special protection measures are provided, which previously extended exclusively to judges, as well as officials of law enforcement and regulatory bodies. The list of measures of state protection includes personal protection, protection of home and property; giving of weapons, special personal protective equipment and warning of danger; temporary placement in a safe place; ensuring the confidentiality of information about protected persons; transfer to another job (service), change of place of work (service) or study; relocation to another place of residence; replacement of documents, change in appearance.

A special unit of the Russian Emergencies Ministry will implement them in relation to firefighters and rescuers.

In the near future, the draft law "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On State Protection of Judges, Officials of Law Enforcement and Controlling Bodies "will be considered by the Federation Council. Its adoption will provide a unified legal approach to the safety of EMERCOM employees, leveling them in rights with colleagues from other operational services.

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