11:49, August 05, 2021

6 wildfires were liquidated in Yakutia per day

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According to the operational data of Avialesokhrana, 178 wildfires are active in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 6 fires were liquidated per day on a total area of ​​over 4 thousand hectares. A difficult forest fire situation persists on the territory of the Vilyui, Verkhnevilyuisky, Mirninsky, Gorny, Zhigansky, Kobyaysky, Nyurbinsky, Olekminsky and Suntarsky districts.

Specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia are involved in the protection of the settlements Byas-Kyyol, Kyryky, Kylayy and Syuldyukar.

Work is underway to expand the mineralized strips and extinguish individual foci. In the Verkhnevilyui district, the aviation was involved, two discharges were made and 6 tons of water were drained.

2633 people and 380 pieces of equipment are involved in extinguishing natural fires. During the day, the grouping of the forces involved increased by 119 people, the number of equipment increased by 36 units, due to the increase in forces for active fires.

Airmobile groupings of the department will continue to work on the territory of the Gorny, Verkhnevilyuisky, Ust-Aldan and Mirninsky districts. Aviation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is in readiness for use, depending on weather conditions, it is planned to use it near the settlements of Byas-Kyuel, Sitte, Kyryky, Malykai and Syuldukar.

Specialists carry out constant air monitoring.

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