17:59, September 13, 2021

Nikiforov’s All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine celebrates its 30th anniversary

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On September 12, 1991, the Committee for Operational Management of the National Economy of the USSR adopted a Resolution on the establishment of the All-Russian Center for Ecology Medicine in St. Petersburg. The foundation of the center is marked that day.

In 1997, it was transformed into the Federal State Healthcare Institution "All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine" (ARCERM) - a medical diagnostic, research and educational institution.

The center was created with the aim of improving the practical and scientific-methodological activities for the medical support of victims of radiation and other accidents and disasters, emergency preparedness and the provision of specialized care for diseases and emergencies.

Today it is the leading medical institution of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, with modern medical and diagnostic equipment and advanced medical technologies for the provision of specialized and high-tech medical care for various diseases, including those injured in man-made disasters and natural disasters, radiation accidents. The concept of providing medical care in various emergency situations has been implemented, taking into account the experience of leading domestic and foreign medical institutions.

ARCERM is a multidisciplinary medical diagnostic, scientific and educational center of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia. Every year, more than 15,000 inpatients and more than 160,000 patients in outpatient settings are treated at its base, including those injured in emergency situations, liquidators of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, as well as citizens living in radioactively contaminated areas, rescuers and employees of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry.

ARCERM employees are highly qualified specialists, many of whom have been trained in leading medical centers in the world in Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Israel, Spain, Korea, China, USA, Finland, Switzerland. More than 70% of medical and nursing staff have the highest and first qualification categories. The team includes over 55 doctors of sciences (more than 40 of them have the title of professors), over 200 candidates of sciences. More than half of the medical and nursing staff have the highest qualification category. Many were awarded the honorary titles "Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation", "Honored Health Worker of the Russian Federation" and "Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation". More than 70 employees have received state awards of the Russian Federation.

ARCERM is a WHO collaborating center for the treatment and rehabilitation of persons who took part in emergency rescue operations in nuclear and other disasters. It is part of the International Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness System (REMPAN). Leads the development and implementation of innovative medical technologies and methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of victims in emergency situations.

The Center's specialists provided assistance to the population of Yugoslavia, took part in eliminating the consequences of aviation accidents, floods, in humanitarian operations, assisted victims at the mine, worked as part of the airmobile hospital of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, took part in eliminating the medical consequences of a terrorist act in the subway, etc.

In the conditions of a rapidly developing world, ARCERM is constantly improving. A modern, high-tech and effective medicine is developing step by step, advanced Russian and world experience is being introduced. Today ARCERM is one of the leading medical institutions in our country, able to compete with many foreign clinics.

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