12:30, November 26, 2021

The rescuer Alexander Zakovryashin, who was lost during the search and rescue operation at the Listvyazhnaya mine, was found alive

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The assistant to the platoon commander of the Novokuznetsk Mine Rescue Squad of the EMERCOM of Russia, who spent the night under the rubble, was able to get to the surface and called for help. At the moment, Alexander is hospitalized with moderate carbon monoxide poisoning, he is being provided with all the necessary assistance.

“Our rescuer was found alive. I can regard it as a miracle. But our people are doing a miracle,” the Acting Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexander Chupriyan said.

Chupriyan stressed that the rescuers will work in the emergency mine, despite the risk. They carry out exploration, sampling, investigation of the destruction of the mine. It was during these works that the surviving mine rescuer was found.

“This is our doctor, about whom the rescuers said that he saved people by giving injections there,” the Acting Head added.

Earlier, the Acting Head of the EMERCOM of Russia, the Plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in the Siberian Federal District Anatoly Seryshev and the Governor of the region Sergey Tsivilev met with the relatives of the miners who died.

As Alexander Chupriyan noted, the Interdepartmental Headquarters for Elimination of Emergency Situations at the Listvyazhnaya Mine continues to work at the scene of the incident. Currently, it is necessary to determine the dynamics of the development of the situation inside the mine. For this, three departments of mine rescuers are working, which take air samples to determine whether there is a threat of an explosion or not.

“Inspection of a mine is a lengthy process. Now it is necessary to displace oxygen in the workings in order to prevent a repeated explosion,” Alexander Chupriyan said.

He also stressed that the headquarters will work out optimal solutions to continue the search operation and eliminate the accident. He assured the families of the miners that they would be provided with all the information about the situation and the measures being taken.

An interdepartmental working group visited the Kuzbass Clinical Center for Miners' Health in Leninsk-Kuznetsk, where miners and rescuers who have suffered at the mine are being treated. Alexander Chupriyan discussed with the leadership of the Center the further treatment of the victims. Doctors said that the condition of the patients is currently stable, everything possible is being done. In total, 11 mine rescuers are under the supervision of doctors in various medical institutions of the region.

Later, flowers were laid on the Alley "Miner's Glory" in the village of Gramoteino, Belovsky District, in memory of the victims. There is a memorial to the employees of the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Units who died in 2000 during the liquidation of the consequences of the accident at the Komsomolets mine.

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