08:01, May 17, 2022

The Diving Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia is 26 years old

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The Diving Service in the EMERCOM of Russia dates back to May 17, 1996. For 26 years, highly professional diving units have been created and are successfully functioning in the Centrospas Unit, the Leader Center, regional search and rescue teams of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and their branches, in the subdivisions of the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Units and specialized fire departments.

To date, the Ministry has more than 755 rescue divers. In addition, more than 2,500 diving specialists from the emergency rescue teams of administration entities and municipalities are directly or operationally subordinate to the EMERCOM Main Offices for the administration entities of the Russian Federation.

Diving groups are engaged in rescue and evacuation of people, carry out diving work in the emergency zone, carry out work to clean the bottom of reservoirs, and also perform diving work in flooded mines, caves and other objects. They have hundreds of thousands of hours spent underwater, thousands of successful search and rescue operations, hundreds of lives saved.

The subdivisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia have modern sonar equipment for conducting search operations in the waters and remote-controlled uninhabited underwater vehicles. Mobile diving groups of the EMERCOM of Russia have mastered the technology of diving descents to a depth of more than 60 meters.

The profession of a diver is considered difficult and dangerous. In addition to professional skills, they must have stress resistance, a calm and balanced character, good hearing and physical endurance. Training and advanced training of the diving staff of the EMERCOM of Russia is carried out at the Rescuer Training Centers of the EMERCOM of Russia.

Diving specialists of the Ministry, within the framework of international development assistance projects on the basis of foreign institutions and Rescuer Training Centers of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, conducted diving training courses for representatives of the emergency services of the Republic of Cuba, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Republic of Tunisia and other foreign states.

For more than a quarter of a century, the diving service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry has adequately responded to the new challenges and threats of the modern world. The richest experience of past generations of professional divers is a solid foundation for the development of diving in the EMERCOM of Russia and the Russian Federation.

“Diver is a dangerous but heroic profession that requires professional skill, stress resistance and physical endurance. There are many dangers under water, so only strong-willed people can master this profession,” Deputy Head of the Department (Rescue Diving) of the “Leader” Center for High Risk Rescue Operations Dmitry Limasov said.

In 2021, Dmitry was awarded the title of "Best Diver" in the system of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. He is the winner of the XIII All-Russian festival "Constellation of Courage". Dmitry is one of the few divers in the system of the Russian Emergencies Ministry who has a permit to dive to a depth of 60 meters. He has more than 1100 diving hours since the beginning of his diving practice.

According to the international class rescuer, Honored Rescuer of the Russian Federation Konstantin Aleksandrov, divers have practical training every day. The deeper the diver is, the more pressure the water exerts on him. For work at great depths, it is supposed to appoint only the most experienced and trained divers. The maximum dive of Kostantin is to a depth of about 100 m.

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