10:25, June 24, 2022

A tourist route of any complexity must be registered with the Russian Emergencies Ministry

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Summer is the time for active tourism. Lovers of outdoor recreation go to the mountains, long pedestrian crossings through the picturesque corners of Russia, and of course river rafting. To date, more than 6.7 thousand people in 496 groups go through tourist routes. More than half of the tourists are children.

Before traveling, every tourist should think about their safety: choose a route that suits their level of training, find out the weather forecast, check equipment.

However, a high degree of preparedness of a tourist and even many years of hiking experience does not exclude the possibility that the unforeseen will happen during a hike, for example: a sudden change in weather, injury, poisoning, meeting with wild animals, an attack of illness, and much more.

The rescuers should clearly understand the route of the group in order for help to arrive as quickly as possible. The route must be registered on the website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia or on the website of the territorial body of the Ministry in the region where the route is planned to pass.

Every year, such type of tourism as river rafting is gaining more and more popularity. Waterways across the country attract wildlife enthusiasts. Alloys are of varying difficulty, the optimal route for themselves can be found by both beginners and experienced tourists.

Before rafting, check the boat and equipment. Remember that you can only take off your life jacket on land. Swimming facilities must be located at a distance of direct line of sight from each other. Before passing a difficult section, conduct reconnaissance from the shore. Do not exceed the permitted load of the craft. During the rafting it is not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. If tourists are planning whitewater rafting for the first time, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary training session. Carefully study the rafting route. Check the weather forecast before your trip. And of course, register your group with the Russian Emergencies Ministry! Have a good travel!

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