10:56, July 10, 2022

A special fire regime has been introduced in 56 regions of the country

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271 natural fires have been registered in Russia. A group of more than 2.5 thousand people, 335 units of equipment and 47 aircraft are involved in extinguishing forest fires. Due to the difficult fire situation in the Ayano-Maisky district of the Khabarovsk Territory, units of the Russian Emergencies Ministry with the necessary equipment and an MI-8 helicopter with a spillway device were sent.

Due to the hot weather, a special fire regime has also been introduced in the Kursk Region. Rescuers of the EMERCOM Main Office of the region regularly patrol health camps and settlements located near forests. They use motorcycles and ATVs which have equipment for prompt arrival at the fire site and taking primary extinguishing measures before the arrival of the main fire and rescue forces.

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