12:12, August 02, 2022

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia took part in the development of a special section "For Refugees" on the portal "Объясняем.рф" (“Explain.RF”)

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A special section “For Refugees” was created on the platform “Explaining.RF” to inform the country's residents about the socio-economic situation in Russia on the initiative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia jointly with National Priorities (autonomous non-profit organization) and the participation of Dialog (autonomous non-profit organization).

The citizens of Ukraine, the DPR and LPR, their family members, as well as stateless persons who were forced to arrive in the Russian Federation from their respective territories after February 18, 2022, will find all the most up-to-date information. The service will tell you how to properly process documents, get medical care, apply for a residence permit, find a job and get answers to many other questions.

The new section has 8 thematic blocks, easy navigation allows the user to quickly find the information they need. The sections describe in detail the mechanisms for registration and removal from migration registration at the place of stay or residence, the rules for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation, refugee status and residence permit, methods for issuing a compulsory health insurance, taxpayer identification number and TIN. Particular attention is paid to pensions, payments and benefits, as well as how to get emergency and planned medical care. Here it’s possible to find all the necessary information on how to arrange children in a kindergarten, school or university and job portal. In each block, the terms for the provision of a particular service are clearly stated, links are given to the official websites of the relevant departments, useful contacts and sample forms for various applications.

The official portal "Объясняем.РФ" was launched on March 1 this year by the Government of the Russian Federation to inform citizens on exciting and topical issues and counteract the spread of false information. The portal publishes daily verified information on the most significant socio-economic topics, as well as answers to the most pressing questions of citizens - from transport links to issues of financial stability and the work of educational institutions.

People can ask their questions on the website, in the social networks of the portal and in the chat bot “Assistant Explain.RF”.

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