11:30, August 16, 2022

More than 450 people and 107 pieces of equipment are involved in extinguishing a fire in the Rostov Region

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According to the forecast for the current day, a high fire danger remains in the region. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia continue to work to extinguish the fire and protect settlements.

At the moment, the fire area is 138 hectares. Aviation was involved in extinguishing the fire: the Be-200ChS amphibious aircraft, Il-76, the MI-8 helicopter of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the MI-8 MO helicopter. Extinguishing the fire is complicated by hot dry weather, strong wind with gusts up to 30 m/s. Thirty-nine people, including 14 children, are transported to the temporary accommodation center in Yevseyevsky farm. Aviation has dropped out 275 tons of water for 47 times.

461 people and 107 units of equipment are involved in the elimination of the fire.

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