11:03, September 17, 2023

The EMERCOM rescuers began work in the State of Libya

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In the city of Derna, an airmobile hospital of the Tsentrospas Unit and an autonomous field camp have been deployed to provide medical assistance to the affected population and carry out emergency rescue operations.

50 rescuers from the Leader Center for High Risk Rescue Operations began search and rescue operations in the most affected areas of the city. The specialists are equipped with all the necessary tools, watercraft and diving equipment. The group also included canine teams.

Employees of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations will have to examine the most difficult areas, including the basements of destroyed buildings. In addition, Russian rescuers supervise local search teams, professionally assessing the level of risk and direction of work.

Also, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations delivered a humanitarian aid cargo of 30 tons to Libya. The cargo includes emergency rescue kits, lighting systems, tents, blankets and mobile power stations.

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