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About the features of training universal rescuers, improving skills and stressful situations in the service in an interview with Interfax

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Mikhail Likhachev, the head of the EMERCOM Main Office for the Kirov Region, spoke about the features of training universal rescuers in an interview with Interfax-Volga.

- Mikhail Vladimirovich, please tell us about the training of universal rescuers that has been taking place in the Kirov Region for several years now.

- All the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are regularly engaged in professional training, pass tests and standards. This is one of the most important requirements for maintaining emergency preparedness. Therefore, even at the stage of developing the training program for universal rescuers, we proceeded from the features of a specialized fire and rescue unit.

This unit’s uniqueness is that it is a part of the airmobile group EMERCOM of Russia. This means that the departure area of the special fire rescue unit is not only the territory of our region, but the whole country. The division faces a variety of tasks. They should be prepared to respond not only to large fires in settlements and traffic accidents. Their help may be required in case of collapse of buildings, floods, industrial accidents, forest fires, people searching in the natural environment, etc. Hence there is a need for related professions and additional training.

- In you opinion, what should universal rescuers be able to do?

- They must be true professionals. And for that, our rescuers have already completed initial training in industrial climbing, eliminating the consequences of pollution with hazardous substances, labor protection, first aid. They have learned the profession of a compressor installation engineer, pyrotechnician, electrician, chemist-dosimetrist, control operator of an unmanned aircraft vehicle and sailor- lifeguard. Also, they hav received right to transport hazardous goods, management of small vessels, ATVs, snowmobiles.

Special forces took part more than 50 times in the search for missing people in the natural environment. Every year they accompany and ensure the safety of pilgrims of , the Velikoretsky Cross procession - the longest procession in Russia , which lasts for seven days with a route length of about 150 km.

How often do employees of the Kirov special fire rescue unit improve their skills, and what specialists are invited for training and master classes?

- As we have already said, there are special requirements for universal rescuers. And here representatives of public specialized organizations play an important role. They are amazing people, enthusiasts and professionals. At no cost, they conduct electives with our guys and share their invaluable experience.

For example, Sergey Gerasimov, chairman of the regional federation of health wellness and sports tourism and Svetlana Knyazeva, deputy director of the Alexander Nevsky Children's and Youth Center, are experienced sports tourism instructors. They conduct a cycle of training for employees of the special fire rescue units to prepare for autonomous work in the natural environment: how to find and evacuate people who are in trouble in a deep forest, what is the safety technique of the rescuer, how to choose the right equipment, how to equip "life".

Volunteers of the voluntary public detachment "Lisa Alert" are sharing search technologies for people lost in the forest. The city Cossack society and some clubs help in equestrian training.

Every year, employees of the Special Humanitarian Center make multi-day rafting on the rivers, practicing techniques for passing water barriers. And here, too, can not do without the help of volunteer tourists who help to lay the route and prepare equipment.

- What, in your opinion, is the most exotic master class in the training program?

- Perhaps this is a lesson in teaching the technique of delivering the child. It’s necessary due to the fact that rescuers can face this situation at any time of their activity. How to help women in labor before the arrival of medical workers, how to properly arrange transportation, how to provide psychological support, to properly prepare a place for taking birth in outpatient conditions, and finally, how to provide direct assistance in childbirth and in the early postpartum period - our rescuers consider such difficult issues at seminars led by practicing obstetrician-gynecologists.

- While rescuing a person in trouble, in trouble, there may be a situation when a person who is in a stressful situation does not understand that he is being rescued, and can resist. How do rescuers act in these cases?

- You are right, such situations do happen. But our employees are also ready for such a turn of events. Psychologists of the Ministry of Emergencies conduct classes and trainings with all rescuers to provide psychological support to victims. The knowledge gained allows us to correctly determine the types of acute stress reactions of people in trouble, and correctly apply various psychological techniques. By the way, within the framework of "The Learn to Save Life" project, we have already begun to train cadets, students, and other categories of the population. I think, you are agree that everyone should know the basics of first aid and psychological support in an emergency situation.

- In November 2017, the EMERCOM Main Office for the Kirov Region, with the assistance of public organizations and volunteers, will hold an open all-around fire and rescue championship "Vyatsky Los.Rescue League". What is the idea and features of the competition?

- "Vyatsky Los" is a sports brand of the Kirov region. Initially, these extreme competitions were held exclusively among tourist athletes.

But since 2014, teams of the Ministry of Emergencies began to participate in this tournament. Firstly, three, then eight teams, and not only Kirov began to take part in it. Our participation has brought a certain zest and real competition. Rescuers not only participated, not only reached the finish line (not everyone could succeeded in), but also successfully fought for prizes.

For employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, "Vyatsky Los" has become a test of strength. It’s like for a commando to get a maroon beret for spetsnaz (Special forces). Judge for yourself, 48 hours without sleep and rest in the struggle for survival in the natural environment is a full immersion into extreme when November is outside the window. Participants can only guess what problems they will encounter while overcoming a route of 70 kilometers in length. They face chronic lack of sleep, capricious weather, continuous mental and physical work. In this case, you need to use sports skills, climbers' skills and provide first aid to the wounded people. Isn’t it a real exam for the universal lifeguard?

Long pedestrian crossings with search and evacuation of victims, passing through water bodies with ice water, guidance of crossings, camp breakdown, cooking at night. This is only a small part of the ordeals.

This year we’ve decided to hold extreme competitions under the auspices of the EMERCOM Main Office. "League of rescuers" implies a shift in emphasis towards rescue and search topics. But there will be tourist stages, and the most difficult tasks for survival in the natural environment. Our old friends provide great support in the preparation of the tournament. More than 20 professionals and volunteers from public organizations will be involved in judging And as part of each team, along with lifeguards, there will be one tourist-athlete.

In a word, competitions "Vyatsky Los" have already become a hallmark of the Kirov Region and have the potential to reach the all-Russian level.

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